Dear friend and companion,


I have not gone far. I have simply gone from somewhere to everywhere. Thank you for sharing my story. Trust your own story, for God is in every moment of it.

Trust your own experience, for God is in every moment of it.

Trust your own experience, for it is the raw material from which God is shaping God’s Dream in you.

Don’t worry that you don’t know who or what “God” is. Let the mystery be a mystery, and don’t try to grasp it with your own understanding, or pin it down into the limits of your own memory, or manipulate it to conform to your own narrow will.

Walk on now in courage, and in deep content. You are God’s pilgrim. God’s love and grace are all you need.

Thank you, and adieu, my friend.

A poor pilgrim, alongside you,

(Signed:) Inigo Onaz Lopez Loyola


*From the book: JUST CALL ME LOPEZ by Margaret Silf, p. 246



My mouth is sealed. I do not know why it is happen.
My ears can hear what the noises are coming out.
My eyes are just enjoy looking around and they just know.

Time flies so fast and something inside could not go.
It keeps stay and sometimes need an attention.
I just want to let it be without an interpretation.
Sometimes, I am just acting to pretend nothing is happen.
It could not be. I realize. I never can lie to myself. She just knows.

I do not know when the end of this story, just time will answer that.
Can my mouth will open and say some words?


It is not about performance, it is about learning

I remembered when I joined modern dance or cheerleaders’ competition at Senior High School, one word in our team’s mind was winning. We need to show our best performance. That’s our goal. Performance goal is one of indicator if I do something include in working things. Result or output is very important to consider than a process itself.

Until I read the book entitles Do Nothing by J. Keith Murninghan that gave me insight something beyond performance. It is not about show something but grow with it. He said that we need to continuously boost our ability, focus on learning, getting better and knowing more. I can understand that performance goal is not only the task that we accomplished and finished. But the key word in performance goal is learning. Like he said, we need to learn from experience, constantly seeking information and insights, and making the effort to grow. It is not about performance goal anymore, but learning goal.


It is okay to make a mistake for the first time.

Learn from it.

Predict what the possibilities will happen in uncertainties.

And find ways to improve and make it better.

Murninghan said as a leader, you must prepare for it, cope with it and move forward. Stuff happens and comes. When we are ready to encounter mentally, all will be alright.

Creativity Changes Everything

Just want to share some creativity created by Korean. I hope it can open our eyes and give an insight.

  1. S Oil – Here Balloon

Korean oil company helps driver save gas with giant HERE balloon. It is very simplest idea which bright yellow arrow-shaped balloons are tied to every parking space. When a car is parked, it pulls the balloon’s tether down so it is not visible to those scanning for spaces. But in empty spaces, the balloon is high enough that it can be seen across a parking lot so it can easy for drivers to spot all the unoccupied spaces.


2.      Morning Start-Up Dunkin Donuts

An attractive activity created by Dunkin Donuts to encourage young people (20 – 30 years old) in South Korea who skip breakfast because of too busy or lazy with an entertaining game method. The Morning Start-Up app sees users select their breakfast item as the morning alarm goes off, and gives them three hours to reach Dunkin Donuts. Using the app’s audio-tagging ability to verify the customer’s presence in the store, they are then treated to a breakfast coupon, driving sales. The Morning Start-Up lets users chart daily wake-up times, favorite items, and total discounts earned, and share experience with friends via social networks.


    3.     E-Mart Flying Store

E-mart has come up with a new concept in order to make shopping easier for the Korean consumers with the creation of the ‘flying store’. The Korean consumer works long hours and is always busy and ‘accessibility’ is on of the main factors that they consider when making purchases.

To make people that are located far away from E-Mart store, did their shopping at one of their shops, E-mart created a “flying” store that flew to customers. The E-Mart truck-shaped balloon, equipped with a Wi-Fi router, went to every corner of the city. Customers could then connect to the Wi-Fi signal and order online.


Notes: Source the pictures from Google

Time Travel

Inspired by “About Time” movie which I watched few weeks ago, makes me think about moment that I want to reset. This movie tells the story of father and son who have the ability to go back to the past. They do time travel for a variety of interests and goals as well. They try to fix the past moment to have something better.

Maybe if I could move backward, I could avoid things that are not good for me and also others. I could prepare anything perfectly so no more unexpected things that make me tired, upset, sad, etc. Everything happens according to my plan and life will surely be wonderful.



In the middle of the movie, I was shown the other side of time travel. No matter which way or decisions that you take there will be another challenge waiting. Remember about a quote, you have the freedom of choice but you never have the freedom of consequence. We must take responsibility for decisions that have been taken. Every decision we make surely followed by responsibility as a consequence.

What I learned from this movie is life is beautiful if we want to see it as a beautiful thing. Back to the past, hoping to fix things that already happened, and wish everything will be perfect, it just a fantasy. Live your life with positive thinking, be grateful, and entrust everything to God. Let God as our creator leads our way, never doubt of His plan because everything has been prepared and will be beautiful in its time.


To be friend with mind

“OMG, what’s happen? What they say? Why I do like that? It supposes to be great. I had already prepared anything.”

It is what I think when there is something happen accidentally and unexpected. I have my plan, my hope, and also my fear. But the important thing is to know what really is. Like the Tart suggests, “The concept of mindfulness should be motivated by the assertion – I want to know what really is, regardless of how I prefer things to be.”

Acceptance and be in the moment are the things that I keep practicing every day. My mind is fully focused into the present and engaged with what I am doing. I remembered when I was missed the bus and said, “If I come earlier, I will get on. Why I am looking around and miss this bus.” I blamed myself and regret everything. My mood was changed and not felt well actually. The couple of weeks after the event, I missed the bus again. But my mind was different. I accepted what’s happen and responded differently, “Yeah, I missed the bus. I need to wait 20 minutes more. I can sit down and read the newspaper. It’s alright myself. I forgive you.”

To be friend with mind is important. It is true or not what I am thinking, unconsciously, it affects me to see something and also influences my attitude.


25 Lessons To Be Learned

I looked my notes on Facebook that I wrote three years ago. At 22 years old, I learned a lot about the ‘meaning of life’ especially from 2008-2010. The value, principle, and philosophy of life is began to be formed and renew again.
At that time, I said, “Regret it or not, it’s all the passed”.
And I said, “Now, it’s time to learn and to begin forming what my life would be in two, three or five years later.”
I do not realize this is a time. In this year-2013, I want to put more in my lists that I have already learned in life.
25 Things in life that I learned
1. What I sowed, it’s also I harvested.
2. Giving is beautiful, include when I have nothing.
3. Accept what has happened and never regret it.
4.  Forgive my mistakes, mistakes of others, and continue to live. Life is not perfect, and nobody is perfect.
5. Life is not always easy, and also not as difficult as people think. Keep trying and believe. Everything is possible, dude.
6. Most wonderful book to explore and to interpret is BIBLE.
7. Person that you love most, it can become the person you hate. And also, the person that you hate most, it can be the person you love. So, just love peoples around you, whoever, whatever they are. Keep loving your neighbor evens though the enemy.
8.  Love is the most beautiful thing and sometimes it can be horror.  So, just Love God 100% because He is the perfect one, He never make mistake. And love the human like Him, but never expect anything.
9. Know myself and love language of others is important. Read the book of The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. I recognize my love languages are quality time and words of affirmation.
10. Pain is hurt. If I can request, I do not want to feel it. But Thank God, I had many experiences through the pain. From the pain, I can see the beauty of life. It is not about the object, happiness or painfulness. It is about learning to do not attach whatever the situations and still thankful.
11. Happiness is coming when I able to accept myself, accept others as they are, and do not expect anything.
12. Life needs to struggle and to sacrifice. Just do it, keep persistence and enjoy the results.
13. Life depends on HIM. And you never are disappointed. Just keep patience to wait His time.
14. Nothing is too late in life.  When I realize that I was wrong. Sit down, be quiet, reflect, evaluate, get up, and do it again!
15. When I said that I know everything. I need to realize that is time that I need to learn more.
16. Do not think too much. Do, practice, learn, and do it again.
17. It is a time to open my heart and enjoy the life.
18. Process of our experiences are not being described. Feel it, enjoy it.
19. In the end, make priority of my life: Lord, family, work, ministry, friends..
20. He gave me blessings and graces so I can continue my life. He guides me, leads me to be a woman of Him.
21. Learn, learn, and learn. Never ever stop learning.
22. La vie est jolie – Life is beautiful
23. Be in the moment – enjoy right here, right now.
24. I will put one more for my priority list: find the partner life based on Him
25. Keep praying and believe in Him. It needs practice and Holy Spirit to do that. I hope, I will.