Mokmok’s Birthday

Mokmok celebrated his 24th birthday with us (Monika and Felly) last month. Sorry for the lately report. May the GREAT LORD shower you with many blessings throughout the coming year.
Mokmok is our senior high school classmate. He is kinda humorous, kind, handsome (his girlfriend likes to call him ‘Lee Min Hoo’), and silly. If you meet him at first time, he will act like a cool guy.

Saturday, 5th March 2011.
Felly texted me. Mokmok invited us for a birthday gathering at Central Park.

Sunday, 6th March 2011.
Mokmok, Felly, and I gathered to celebrate his birthday at Nanny’s Pavillon, Central Park. We shared many things about life, job, relationship, and others. We really miss our peer group: Sherly, Jonat, and Linda. We wish all of you could be there with us last month. Many thanks to Mokmok who choosed Nanny’s. Cozy place, Nice food, and excellent service.

Birthday Theme: All About Pasta!! :p

My Nephew Carter Sausage. IDR 39.
The white sauce was similar to milk cream. So YUMMY!! Felly likes penne, the other form of pasta, beside spaghetty and fettucine.

Nanny’s Cocktail Blueberry. IDR 40.
The cocktail has 2 choices, blueberry and mango. Mokmok and I choosed the blueberry one because of the big number of people ordered this flavour. It tasted good but it is not more refreshing than mango.

Kimberly Green Sausage. IDR 39.
The sausage tasted great.

Uncle Harold Steak. IDR 39.
Mokmok recommended this steak to me. The taste was good like spicy, but too loud. It takes several time for me to chew the meat. Perfect for spicy pasta!

Thank you, Mok, for this lovely gathering. Hope we could spend more time together for sharing many things. Have a blessed age!

“We shall never have friends, if we expect to find them without faults.” – Thomas Fuller.

(Mo.ok) [.Pel.]


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