Little Me

Dear everyone,

Hello, I am Monika.

I enjoy writing, dancing, travelling, eating, etc.

I am so happy, that can create writings.

My friends, Ms Sherly Susilo [SheLo] and Ms Felly Effendy [.Pel.] help editing.

Several pictures supported by FirmanZhou Photography.

Also, I am proud to introduce a new contributor Siska JW (JW) for this blog #140913.  Thank you so much for them 🙂

My friends and I like sharing with you all about everything in life.




5 thoughts on “Little Me”

    1. Wah jeng melita.. Selamat sekali lagi ya.. Ditunggu berita baik berikutnya.. 🙂 Finding God in all things.. Jadi, bisa juga donk, Finding God on the blog. wkwkwkwk.. Keep blogging dear.. 🙂

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