Tak perlu berpura-pura yang bukan dirimu

Apabila memang tak bisa
Tak perlu memaksakan
Apabila memang tak mungkin
Tak perlu menunggu
Apabila memang bukan ini jalannya

Dan serahkan..

Memang tak semuanya berakhir indah

Dan kadang berurai tetes air mata
Tapi ingatlah kau sudah berani mencoba

Dan keluar dari dirimu

Kalau memang belum waktunya
Dan bukan dia orangnya
Biarkan hatimu lapang
Dan lepas seperti burung di udara
Bapa pun tahu keinginan anaknya,
sebelum dia mengucap kata

Time Travel

Inspired by “About Time” movie which I watched a few weeks ago, makes me think about the moment that I want to reset. The film tells the story of father and son who have the ability to go back to the past. They do time travel for a variety of interests and goals as well. They try to fix the past moment to have something better.

Maybe if I could move backward, I could avoid things that are not good for me and also others. I could prepare anything correctly so no more unexpected things that make me tired, upset, sad, etc. Everything happens according to my plan and life will surely be wonderful.

In the middle of the movie, I was shown the other side of time travel. No matter which way or decisions that you take there will be another challenge waiting. Remember about a quote, you have the freedom of choice, but you never have the freedom of consequence. We must take responsibility for decisions that have been made. Every decision we make inevitably followed by responsibility as a result.

What I learned from this movie is life is beautiful if we want to see it as a wonderful thing. Back to the past, hoping to fix things that already happened, and wish everything will be perfect, it just a fantasy. Live your life with positive thinking, be grateful, and entrust everything to God. Let God as our creator leads our way, never doubt of His plan because everything has been prepared and will be beautiful in its time.
















To be friend with mind

“OMG, what’s happen? What they say? Why I do like that? It supposes to be great. I had already prepared anything.”

It is what I think when there is something happen accidentally and unexpected. I have my plan, my hope, and also my fear. But the important thing is to know what really is. Like the Tart suggests, “The concept of mindfulness should be motivated by the assertion – I want to know what really is, regardless of how I prefer things to be.”

Acceptance and be in the moment are the things that I keep practicing every day. My mind is fully focused into the present and engaged with what I am doing. I remembered when I was missed the bus and said, “If I come earlier, I will get on. Why I am looking around and miss this bus.” I blamed myself and regret everything. My mood was changed and not felt well actually. The couple of weeks after the event, I missed the bus again. But my mind was different. I accepted what’s happen and responded differently, “Yeah, I missed the bus. I need to wait 20 minutes more. I can sit down and read the newspaper. It’s alright myself. I forgive you.”

To be friend with mind is important. It is true or not what I am thinking, unconsciously, it affects me to see something and also influences my attitude.



Unfinished ending

Having a spare time in weekday encourage me to start writing. Actually, I had been planning to write this story some time ago but always postponed because confused where to start. This is about the “two sides” that will always there in our life. What is the “two sides” of life?

Up and Down,

Good and Bad,

Happy and Sad,

Hello and Goodbye,

Choice and Consequence,

Right and Obligation,

Chance and Challenge,

And so many other “two sides” in our life.



Today I would like to share about “Hello and Good Bye”. Every story will always have a beginning and also an ending. But, what if there is a story that will never have an endings? Starting a story with a nice HELLO and wish it ended with a nice GOOD BYE. Unfortunately, not even a nice good bye, it ended with obscurity. Should I feel regret of it? I think not. Life is a mystery, anything can happen, a bad or a good things, it’s all happen for a reason.

“Ends are not bad things, they just mean that something else is about to begin. And there are many things that don’t really end, anyway, they just begin again in a new way. End are not bad and many ends aren’t really an ending; some things are never-ending.” (C. JoyBell C.)

“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.” (Frank Herbert)

I believe God have His own way to teach me about life.

I believe that everything has been prepared by God and it is for something good.



Happiness is Simple




Happiness? What is the meaning of it? How can you describe happiness? Every person will have their answer, and so do I.

Which one do you prefer, being SUCCESS or being HAPPY? This question ever been asked by a trainer at my office. To be honest, success is the first word that comes to my mind. Happiness will come by itself once you managed to achieve success.

“Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get.”

A quote from W.P. Kinsella above maybe can help us to have more understanding about happiness. It is not to get what we want, but do we want it or not? Do we know the meaning of having what we want or not?

Do happiness is something that easier to get?

Well, in my life I choose to be able to get happiness easily. I decided to understand really what I want and why I want it. Happiness is our life, it just a matter of do we noticed or not. I start getting my happiness by appreciating little things. It encourages me to be grateful and aware of the greatness of God.


Looked back when my first time came to Jakarta with a lot of dreams, and still survive to this day, that is my happiness.

Realize that it has been three years of having a career and be financially independent that is my happiness.

Looking at my little brother who is growing up so fast, that is my happiness.

Having a discussion about future with a friend, that is my happiness.

Well, that is some of my pure pleasure. How about yours?

Once again, happiness is simple, and it is around us. Be aware and be thankful. Feel the happiness and make a better living


Him, Me


Why is it easier to worry than to believe?
Why it is easier to focus on one point black than white paper is more dominate?
Why it is easier to complain than to give thanks?

Those questions are come to my  mind, when a friend reminded of the importance of saying a gratitude.
The answer came from a story “petition prayer intentions in a mass.”

On Saturday, my mother called and told me, that the prayer intentions that have been prepared on a paper, it was read differently by the Father. “And what he told?”, I asked. Mama said, ” The Father said, “Give thanks for ########.”
For some reason, when I heard it, I was stunned and realized.

Did God woke me up to give thanks than to worry too long?

Wise words that I always believed since high school, seems to disappear from the meaning, “Nothing is impossible with God, Believe yourself and Keep effort.”
Since then, I’ve realized that God always gives miracles at times when I did not know what to do.

In any event, there are similarities in the attitudes and actions to deal with it is “TO BELIEVE.”

Should I be afraid now?



Terjebak dalam ego

Hanya ada aku..
Bagaimana dengan ku?
Apa yang bisa terjadi dengan ku?

Ruang itu semuanya tertulis untukku..
hanya ada aku disitu..


Begitu sangat tersembunyi..
Sehingga tak ada yang bisa melihat..

Bahwa makhluk itu sudah terjebak..
Terjebak dalam ke-aku-annya..
Hanya ada aku..