The Wedding Ceremony: Many different ways to do it

The Wedding Ceremony is always a special moment for everyone that be supposed to be only in their lifetime. The meaning of the ceremonial is common to share their happiness to with their close families and friends. What is making a difference? The culture involves that make perspective to prepare wedding or the way to do it. I had the experience to know about the wedding in Western culture when my native friend from the United States (US) who was getting married several years ago. Three highlights that make them different between the US and Indonesia are sending cards, giving a gift, and accompanying from bridesmaids or groomsmen.


Sending cards are quite standard for western people compare to eastern one. When my friend got married, I got three cards from the US was bridal shower card, wedding invitation card, and thank you card. Although recently many young people follow to do bridal shower, they never actually sending a card, most of them just invite by sending a text message via WhatsApp or let you know by mobile phone. And the last one is the thank you card to show their appreciation to you, for example sending a gift to the couples. Compared to my country, Indonesia, I ever just got and only wedding invitation card. We are rarely to say thank you for sending a card.


Giving a gift is the second difference between two cultures. When I got the wedding invitation card, I saw there was information about the blog of the couples. When I saw it, mostly it explained the story of the couples and their close friends. One thing is the most important information was the links that inform you the gifts that couple would be like to have it for example glass, plates or cooking pan. If other guests already purchased it, you need to find another thing that they still did not give away. In Indonesia, we rarely to gift things except sometimes close family give the gold jewelry. Most of them, usually give the money in the sealed envelope. And guests can give any money depend on their efforts, but mostly there are minimum amounts among their circles of society.


The third one is accompanying from bridesmaids or groomsmen. Although it is getting popular these days, not many of the couples will have many bridesmaid or groomsmen beside them. If they have it, maybe they just have it only one to three. From the several movies that I watched, bridesmaids have the most important one to help the preparation of the wedding until the day. In my country, Indonesia although several couples still use it, they just need the bridesmaid help on the ceremony day.


The way of the preparation of the wedding ceremony can differ from one culture to the other one such as sending cards, giving a gift and accompanying from bridesmaid or groomsmen. Otherwise, the essence of the event is the same is to enjoy their unforgettable moment once in a lifetime with their loved one. The differences between them enrich our knowledge and growing our respect of differential culture. It is a momentum to learn other cultures and appreciate diversity.




Am I manipulate Him?

I’m very pleased to get this book as a gift. Many things that I get lessons slapped me to wake up and realize. As the following quote: “.. is to look upon prayer as a way to manipulate God, to use Him to accomplish our own desires.” Yes, I have done. I asked the Lord that He would grant all my requests. I think of God as Gods Helper that will certainly listen to what I complain and make it real. I don’t like servants who follow the teachings of his master. But I like a boss who asked his subordinates to do all she asked.

What is a prayer?
“If only we have the ears to hear, God is speaking to us in all the events of our lives and not merely in times of formal prayer.” That quotes sounds familiar to my ears. Yes, I learned it in the Magis’s Community– Ignatian’s Spirituality. Many of the things I felt when I started studying this spirituality.
This isn’t an easy thing.
Feeling that arises in my mind began to clash with each other.
I felt a sense of joy.
I felt lonely.
I felt the pain of hell.
But there is one thing that is different from the attitude I respond to that feeling.
Trying to make peace and make friends with them all. I don’t ignore it anymore as I did before.

After I struggled long enough until this moment, I realized that every experience that I feel is a prayer itself. As the following quote: “ I believe, in fact, that experience is the only proof for such realities as prayer and love. The only proof is experience.”

With a wide range of logic that exist in the head, sometimes I make a prayer life becomes stiff and tense. This attitude doesn’t look like someone who seeks for God in his life. Yes, I have to admit blackberry’s vibration reflex made me to see and respond. This seems to take more attention than taking the time to set aside time to talk to God.

The following quote I try to open up and recall before praying to God: “ The important things (in prayer) is not to think much but to love. Prayer is dialogue, it is a personal encounter in love. When we communicate with someone we care about, we speak and we listen.”
Sometimes to get close to God isn’t complicated, simply open the heart to Him and feel Him in your life experience. ”
That’s it.

Thanks a lot for Stephanie, Ricky (Polar), Andri (Lele), and Budi. Thanks be to God have pals like u all.