IELTS Writing Task 2 – Problem Solution

More and more people work today in the large cities? Which problems can it cause? How should the governments encourage people to stay in the small regional towns?

The enormous growth in city’s population has led to city’s chaos in several cases. Although serious problems could happen as a result of this, there are solutions to solve those things that I will explain in this essay.

One of the problems is a lack of employments which is the growth in the number of people who need to work. On the other hand, the development of the suburban area is getting slower than the urban area which causes the people to mitigate. For instance, standardization of school curriculum, the range of working’s salary and service of public health. The assumption is of those standardizations of those examples above us lower than city’s qualification.

That is why it is important to take actions to combat those problems. Government has a vital role to play, such as accelerating the programme of regional’s autonomy. In other words, Governor of the regional city is the person who has a responsibility to ensure the people in local town to stay in their hometown. Besides that, the central government should develop the infrastructures of the region’s city and concerns more about public service. While the government attempts to find every solution of those cases, the people in the local town should not immediately migrate to the capital city.

In conclusion, the government could initiate programs about their region’s autonomy in a suburban area, whereas the people in the regional towns should open their mind to look opportunities that can be developed in their hometown.


Dear Lord

Once again, I collected many display pictures from my bb’s friends. The pictures are very dear to be thrown away.

And the pictures have many meanings, describes about the problem, pray, and the answer. Check it out..


“Many things happened in our life..”

“The problem will never end…”

And finally, we pray …..

And here is the answer….


I’m Just A Human

It has been quite some time I have not visited this section where we used to contribute some stories, refection and dreams.. Since I have a bit of spare time today, I would like to write something:

I guess I am currently at the stage of life, where I feel that seriously there are so many things that I still have not achieved, have not accomplished. Life recently has also thought me that sometimes, yes, life can be so difficult with its own tears, sadness, disappointment, worriness, fears and everything that is just beyond your control nor your prediction.

Yes, I admit that life, all these past years have been very kind toward me, family, friends, loved ones, that made me to the person that I am right now.

Life, especially on the “sadness” chapter, has and will always bring us so many emotional reactions, from surprised to tears. It happened to all of us, not excluding anyone. But, this “sadness” chapter, at the same time, has also brought us to realize that it is because we were trying to cope with all of them, something that we don’t like and we are difficult to accept, with our own strength as human.

We, often times, will only remember Him when we are at this “sadness” chapter. Hard to believe, but this is what happened. I, myself, also the same. Only when this chapter visited me then I know that I have forgetting Him, that was why I was really feeling sad, without any strength to move on.

But, isn’t it that he has ever saying to us that He will never leave us, even when in the darkest place, He will still accompany. He is the faithful companion as He will never leave us any single second in our life. He had spoken too, that He would never give us something that we cannot bear. Isn’t it all things He had ever said to us?

Lord, teach us not to put any blames when our life is currently going through this page of this chapter. Teach us to remember that You were, are and will always accompany. Living in You doesn’t guarantee 100% problem-free, sadness-free, or worriness – free, but one thing that has always been so real, that is You are around. You are so near, waiting for us to come to You, to kneel and to cry together with You.

Lord, please always teach us to pray to You, not to lose hope in You but rather to come closer and nearer to You, until the storm has really subsided.

“Pray as often as you can as pray changes everything”