Do you ever wonder why people have a willingness to spend their money for a glass of coffee instead of buying a meal? The most famous coffee chain shop, Starbucks Coffee has built in many places in Indonesia. People are feeling proud of seating or just holding a cup on their way to their office. Price is not mattered anymore as long as the benefits of buyers equally as they spend the money. Otherwise, others still like to go to traditional coffee shop for the authentic one. Based on my personal experience, four main things differ people to choose which one they will go are ambience, taste and time-serving, food company and membership.

The first thing is ambience of the coffee shop starts from entering the store, ordering the drink, picking the seating chairs, taking the drink, and sitting while enjoying the music Details are very important for Starbucks Coffee. They thought the place is everything and you can feel that comfortable ambience when you are entering their shop. In a traditional one, usually, most of the chairs are looking similar. When you sit down, the waitress comes to you to ask the drink that you want. The decoration of the traditional coffee shop is simple, and most of the place is not using the air conditioner.

The second thing is the taste and time serving. In Starbucks Coffee, you can try the medium coffee mix with the range of flavours, for instance, caramel, mocha, chocolate, green tea. Besides, you can add the topping with the whipped cream, caramel or chocolate sauce or cinnamon powder. The average of time serving is less than five minutes, compares to traditional one is usually takes five to eight minutes. On the other hand, traditional one offers limited flavours or mixed taste. Mostly, people find the black and strong coffee, and they can add with white sugar or sweetened condensed milk.

The third thing is the food menu that the shop offers to you. Starbucks Company provides the western food company, for example, sandwich, croissant, panini, cookies, yoghurt, and juice. It is unique with the traditional coffee shop in my country, Indonesia; you can find our traditional food and mostly served in fried like fried soybean cake (tempe goreng), fried cassava (singkong goreng), fried tofu (tahu goreng) with the spicy sauce. If you want just to have a snack time, maybe traditional it can be better for you. On the other hand, if you like to eat as your main meal for breakfast or lunch, just go to Starbucks.

The last thing is the loyalty program that the shop offered. If you are going to Starbucks, they engage with their customer through Starbucks Card. You can get a free drink if you purchase their merchandise or top-up with the card. In addition, you can get free food or beverage when you already buy ten foods or drinks. As a member, you also get daily or weekly advertisement if there is any promotional event that the company offer. On the other side, many the traditional shop does not give the loyalty program. The shop usually maintains from how they serve the customer to get back to their shop.

In conclusion, people have several preferences to choose the coffee shop. Sometimes, the price is not the main thing; people can negotiate with other things if they get the same advantages. The other things can also play a big part to influence customer’s decision namely the atmosphere of the place, the taste and time-serving, the food menu and the membership. When we think people come to the coffee shop for drink good coffee, sometimes we get wrong. People tend to go to coffee shop, although they are not looking for coffee, but also for the place that makes them comfortable to spend their time.



The Story – Academic Writing Task

Lembaga Bahasa International, Faculty of Humanities at The University of Indonesia is well-known as an Indonesian Language Institution offers a wide range of language programs. There are three programs: the translation program, the language course, and the language test. The location of the building is easily accessible through public transportation such as a train. In addition, the atmosphere of the green area is convenient to all students who consider taking language courses. Despite the benefits of the area which are part of the Faculty, there are three main aspects that should be known, the namely layout of the building, two beautiful landmarks and three popular foods.

The layout of the building is a unique term of the disorganized order which is inspired by Baduy Tradition compares to other faculties. The location of the second building is not always beside the first building and so forth. In this faculty, they have four auditoriums, which is the biggest one in the first building in the front of the main street and the others are located in the fourth building in the center of the area. The audio laboratories are centered in the fifth building from the first floor to the fourth floor, and you can find it first before the fourth.

The two beautiful landmarks give a sense of comfortable place for those who study in this faculty. First, the temple is looked as similar as the original one, which is built for the archaeology students to do researching. Beside the temple, there is a big and wonderful cave which is made of Styrofoam. Second, Teksas (Teknik-Sastra) Bridge which is built and sponsored by Krakatau Steel Company. The colors of the bridge are dominated by red color as symbolic of the company and yellow as representative of the university.

The most three popular foods are recommended by college students in this Faculty: Ayam Penyet – Mas Roni, Meatballs – Pak Kumis, and Toast – Pak De. The affordability and deliciousness of the food are adding more value for this faculty that people should visit. The price range of the food is a very good value which starts from Rp5000-Rp15000. Moreover, the different types of food which are offered by food tenants, for instance, Indonesian food – a traditional Javanese salad called Pecel, a smashed fried chicken – Ayam Penyet; Eastern food – Kebab Tukey and Western Food – Meatballs and Toast.

In order to summarize, although people concern with the content of the program courses that are offered, the area of the place contributes several advantages for course takers. From the paragraphs that are mentioned above, students can enjoy the building that is arranged by a traditional Sundanese community, the atmosphere of the building and good bargain of the food. Those benefits grant this institution a competitive advantage compared to other institutions.