Hi my friend!

Hi my friend!

I am wondering where you are..

I never heard about you anymore..

I used to know your stories and your secrets..

And I think..

It seems those things will never happen again..

Don’t let the ego make us suffering a little bit longer..

Just say some words that you are alright there.. And it’s more than enough.. 


Keep Praying and Believe in Him


Being a Catholic is not easy and I am still learning to be Catholic in my daily life. It can be challenging, actually. Why do I say that?

In August, I was still waiting for my visa to be approved, so I could join the Vincentian Volunteers Programme and come to England.  The average time for visa approval did not match with my flight date because of the many bank holidays at that time in Indonesia. I had many things going through my mind. One of them was if I needed to apply for a new job or move back home to my hometown.

I remembered how God gave me strength to deal with the situation.  My friend said to me, “Mon, remember how God helped you at difficult times? How many times has He helped you?”. “Many times.” I replied. “Remember those experiences. He will also do the same thing this time. Believe in Him.” she said. The word ‘believe’ is so common to hear. But at that time, it was not easy to believe. I cried and kept praying, hoping that a miracle would happen. I just said, “God, if you want me to go, I will go. If not, give me the strength to accept Your plans.”

I wrote an article on my blog entitled “Believe” on 27 August because the administrator of VV said to me three times, “Don’t worry, I am sure all will be well”.  Believe it or not, I got a message from the UK Embassy only six and a half hours before my flight was to leave on the 31 August . When I received that message, I called my mom to thank her for praying for me.  I did not need to reschedule my flight!

From that experience, there is one thing I learned and wanted to carry forth on this gap year. Have faith! This year God will give me something, but I do not know what it will be. It is not always easy to keep that faith, but I trust that His plan will be revealed. Just keep praying and believe in Him.

(Monika – Vincentian Volunteers) [SJR]


(Source: CYMFed, The Story: Young people’s stories of faith)

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