IELTS Writing Task 2 – Agree or Disagree

Some people believe that what is taught in schools is not as useful as what you can learn outside the school. Do you agree or disagree?

Many people think that a lesson in schools is not beneficial like experiences outside schools. In my opinion, I completely disagree with this notion because it is a different kind of materials which we explore inside schools and outside schools.

Firstly, in schools, we study about the process of thinking critically, such as giving opinions, finding fact and stating arguments about some cases. Besides that, general knowledge is provided by lectures to understand our environments which can be complicated to learn all by ourselves. We learn the proven methods which had already been researched by scientists, researchers or professionals to assist in comprehending the world around us, for example, the theory earth’s gravitational pull.

Another point to see is experiencing outside school is like family,
community, society which is the places that we can practice those theories in a daily life. It will enrich us to gain the wisdom of the concept of theory and the practice of reality. Both of them will support one another like a circle that cannot be separated. For example, young children are getting lessons from their teachers about the respect for older people, when they are interacting with family members at home, usually they will try to act as what their lectures had taught them.

To conclude, lesson schools have the same importance as lessons outside schools since they enable us to adjust every experiences or case that happen to us. We need those to encourage is being better individuals in our societies or environments.


IELTS Writing Task 2 – Problem Solution

More and more people work today in the large cities? Which problems can it cause? How should the governments encourage people to stay in the small regional towns?

The enormous growth in city’s population has led to city’s chaos in several cases. Although serious problems could happen as a result of this, there are solutions to solve those things that I will explain in this essay.

One of the problems is a lack of employments which is the growth in the number of people who need to work. On the other hand, the development of the suburban area is getting slower than the urban area which causes the people to mitigate. For instance, standardization of school curriculum, the range of working’s salary and service of public health. The assumption is of those standardizations of those examples above us lower than city’s qualification.

That is why it is important to take actions to combat those problems. Government has a vital role to play, such as accelerating the programme of regional’s autonomy. In other words, Governor of the regional city is the person who has a responsibility to ensure the people in local town to stay in their hometown. Besides that, the central government should develop the infrastructures of the region’s city and concerns more about public service. While the government attempts to find every solution of those cases, the people in the local town should not immediately migrate to the capital city.

In conclusion, the government could initiate programs about their region’s autonomy in a suburban area, whereas the people in the regional towns should open their mind to look opportunities that can be developed in their hometown.



Do you ever watch the singing contest which the popular recently? There are many of them that we saw on the television, such as Indonesian Idol, AFI, American Idol, The Voice and so on. Before the real contest begins, they showed how the judges selected the participant’s competition. One of the most interesting was the auditions who joined the event had a horrible voice, but they have other beliefs. We tend to laugh and give comments such as “Why do they still think about joining the contest?”. Could you ever imagine it happened to the people who mentioned or laughed were your friends or families or relatives? It happened to me when I was Junior High School.

Every time, I watch the movie like that, I remembered myself a long time ago. One of my friend’s classmates asked me to accompany her to join a sing competition contest.  At the time, I just replied, “Why not? Let’s do it.” The value of the friendship was made your friends happy, and it will be good for you too. Also, I never know what I want to do or interested. The price of competition’s entry was reasonable, and perhaps I will be a famous artist someday. All of the thoughts were just came out before I accepted my friend’s offering.

Several songs that already prepared by a committee, and we need to pick one of them. In the two weeks before the contest, we need to test a voice, and a board knew which pitches that we sang. I chose what my friend picked, and the title of the song is Tegar – which was popular at the time by Rosa. I never thought that I was an inexperienced young girl would join this competition compared to my friend who practiced vocal in the formal course. Otherwise, I believe that I need to practice the song until the day of competition was coming. I did not think about “what if – What if I fail? What if people laughed at me? What if I will be ashamed to do this?” Instead, I was a smooth feeling and had a bigger optimistic.

I never understand how to be a good singer. I just imagine myself that I need to sing like an artist. I took my old microphone which has a long cable around 90 centimeters and connected to the DVD which has a CD in it. I tried to practice it with turned off the voice from the artist, and instead my voice will hear out loud. Sometimes, my neighbors at my age were coming to sing the same song. I did not receive feedback from the people which one was bad and which things that I need to improve on. In addition, I did not care about the other people’s comment, and I did not need them.

The event was coming, and I wore a bright gray dress that I loved and trendy at the time because it was millennium year in 2000. My body was shaking when I heard many beautiful voices was singing by all contestants. I hoped that I could turn time that I did not want to join this competition. I felt that I am not ready enough. The master of a ceremony called my number, and I remembered my feet went away step by step to the stairs into the stage which was not big enough. The stage is not a fancy stage; there was no lighting and just a keyboard with a good sound system. The ambiance was hot because a lot of people surround the stage. And then, I started to sing introduction part and immediately it just stopped until the lyrics came to refren. I could not remember the remain lyrics, and I did not finish my song. I stood up in front of hundreds of audiences were watching me.  I felt intimidated or it just my thoughts.

I did not remember what happened in the last part, maybe because it was a humiliating experience. I directly went home and said to myself “Never again join the sing competition.” When I backed to my hometown, every time I open my childhood album, I always embarrassed on saw that picture. A young girl who thought she had a beautiful voice, but not. At least, one thing I know – sing is not my thing, and that’s way I can practice my other activities – dancing.  If you have something, you just need to try on, because you never know. If you failed, no worries at least you did not need to go to that thing again.













Toastmaster Script – Prepared Speech #1st Module: Ice Breaker
I did not say all the following information in prepared speech session due to a limited time.
Good afternoon Mr Toastmaster, Fellow Toastmaster, and Welcome guest. My name is Monika. There was one question in the last meeting that struck me about a turning point, “What is the most defining moment of your life so far?” It is a very hard question. I was planning to prepare it the answer last week, but it did not work. And the deadline is coming, and I reflected on that question. Today, I would like to share the reasons I have courage standing here in front of you.
Who does not know Gandhi? Gandhi is a leader of the Indian Independence Movement against United Kingdom’s rule of the country during the 20th century. Today, I am not talking about Gandhi, but there is one line quote from Gandhi that inspires me to face my biggest fear in life. He said, “The enemy is fear. We think it is hate; but, it is fear”.
There are three stages in my life to conquer my fear step by step:
  • First, I called it this is a beginner stage
Flashback about the story of my childhood, I was born in Padang, West Sumatra, and a small city with a lovely beautiful view. I am the second child of the family and the only girl. One course that quite scary at the time was English. I just never get right to answer all questions related to the verb, noun or pronoun. I was the 6th grade and felt foolish why the other child could do it well, but I wasn’t. I could not count anymore how many times I was crying after backed from English Course. Also, I was struggling to remember any grammar rules in the English book.
My English’s score at primary school until high school was never really high or low, just in mediocre. I was studying English for the formality to pass the class and did not have an eagerness to learn by myself. Until someday, an expected event was coming, the presidential candidate of Student’s Union. In my high school, we have three classes programs, namely regular class, acceleration class and superior class and they need to give the candidate to be proposed. I thought I was just being victimizing from my classmates and I had to prepare all the things in a short time. At the day of debating, there was one question that needs to be answered in English. And my Vice President’s candidate is very well speaking in English. She was winning many English competitions from debating, story-telling and so on. And the English teacher said that please not A*** answered this question, but you, Monika.
I was very shocked, and I answered all the best I can. Honestly, I did not understand the question and maybe my answer just confused. I shamed, and it just haunted me to say, “I need to learn English,” and I conveyed four my best friends to join English Private Class Conversation. It boosted my confidence but did not much.
  • Second, I was in the intermediate stage
I was glad to enter university without a regular test. On the other side, it was challenging in my college life. I was graduated in the Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia and took major in Clinical Psychology. Most of my textbooks are written in English. I need to read several sources, mostly books and journal to complete my assignments. Compare to my friend; it was very easy to understand what the textbook mean it. I need hard work to understand it, and for the first time, I used the wrong techniques to read it word-by-word instead of understanding all the context. The most challenging as I need to attend the mandatory class – Physiological Psychology. The lecturer was from Germany, and the course was conducted in English, including the exam. It’s though because I do not like biology lesson and everything is explained in English. Although I quite struggled to pass it on, thank God I still passed the test with the grade C which is the minimum score to pass. I did not think to revise my rating as my friends though. It’s enough.
After that, I got an opportunity to join a live-in with the expats from Germany and Taiwan, then my journey began. I did not brave enough to invite them to discuss. I just listened what my friends asked them. I was very shy and afraid that I asked a silly question. After I had back from the bigger community event namely World Youth Day for young people in age 18-35 years old, I would like to learn English deeper because I was like a mummy that could not say or express my ideas or opinions. I was just a person that enjoyed the view without understanding or embracing the meaning. I said that I just missed a moment that I need to use that very well.
  •  Third, I entered the stage of Upper Intermediate
Joining the management consultancy company is not my dream ever before. I just thought that my career would be the Human Resources (HR) generalist or recruitment like my peers. It gave me a new vibe because I need to read journal every day. Although the company as not famous as top 5 big consultancy firm, we used Harvard Journal as the primary resource. The challenging is not only reading or speaking with the interns from Cornell University but also specifically writing a business proposal. It was a nightmare for me. I was not expertise in business term, and it should be drafted in English. I was remembered that I was crying after I arrived at a home and thought will be sent my resignation letter.
As an alternative, I tried to create a blog and used the WordPress. I started to write it simply like a daily life and asked one of my best friends in Singapore to review my blog post. All the test made me being a different person and assured me to pursue one of my bucket lists is to live abroad in a short moment. Based on my colleges’ friend sharing, I researched and applied to be a volunteer in the UK for ten months. When I was living abroad, my housemates are understood if I did not say it with proper grammar. My confidence was increased because one thing that I kept in mind – as long as people know what you said – it’s alright Monika. The perfect grammar must be in written academic English. So, just say what you think. Sometimes, I still missed the slang words. I lost the accent and the meaning, thank God my Irish friend always help me interpreting what they said and what I should be responded.
My working experiences in Indonesia prepared me to do my job – monthly report for one of the organizations that I worked. I was also not afraid to just meet a director of IT to discuss the system that the team hoped to have. I was braved to speak in the final of the meeting for our last report. I was starting to read a book in English. I did not understand it directly when I read in the first, but it’s getting better. I have my journal book to record my learning English. I listened to TedTalk and made the transcript.
One of the other challenges were I proposed myself to be a person that will be presented a prepared speech at this meeting. The nervous was coming and still the same, but I do not want they stay longer. I just need to act, practice and do not think too much. Every trial made me be in the higher stage, it’s painful, but it’s worth it. With the small act, reading a journal or books, listening to the TedTalk and joining Toastmaster like this give me chances to conquer my fear. Like Gandhi said,  “There would be no one to frighten you if you refused to be afraid.” –Gandhi